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Product Branding and Design Systems


Millions of people are affected by natural disasters every year. Waterbox was founded as a way to solve the problem of clean drinking water after disaster strikes. We worked with the Waterbox team to create the product branding and design systems for the company. The unique logo mark is adaptable and works within the product designs, printed materials and all digital designs.

Waterbox Logo

Product Branding Examples

As part of our creative process we considered the product branding across many different formats. The simplistic design allows for versatility and helps readability when the mark is stamped into the physical product.

Infographic Poster Design

Understanding the impact of natural disasters is a critical reason for the creation of Waterbox. The infographic provides a clear way to understand the statistics and scale of such disasters.

Infographics Poster and Designs for Waterbox

Product Design Prototype

This photo shows the prototype of the Waterbox. Critical safety information is presented alongside the branding in a utilitarian format. Simplicity was the best solution.

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Website Design

Marketing a Product Design Company

As a new company it was important to create a simple and usable website that explains more about the company and their mission. The website incorporates video assets, infographics and detailed information about the Waterbox.

Mobile Responsive Website Design for Waterbox

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