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Getting things right is important. We employ a unique design thinking process which allows us to make strategic decisions and build engaging website designs. Our creative services cover everything from branding to digital design and web development. We are not a typical web design agency.

DesignUps Services for Design, Branding and Interactive Development

We Develop Design With Purpose


We craft website designs with purpose. Our unique design approach involves creating strategies and mapping actions for launching them into orbit.


Web Design
& Interactive Design

Focusing on the Experience

Every business, organization and product deserves a great website. We specialize in creating beautifully crafted responsive websites. Our approach takes into consideration the story, design aesthetic and user experience across all devices.

User experience is the holy grail of having customers intuitively understand and appreciate your design, website or product. We see the UX process as a way to create a road map for your specific goals. Our approach is crafted from research, analysis, testing, iteration and asking lots of questions about the value added.

Is it easy to use? With a simple, but effective user interface design - usability and engagement are greatly improved. We create intuitive solutions for user interface design that work on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Crafting the design of an application involves quite a bit of work. We take into account the User Interface (ease of use) and the User Experience (how people are using it). Each design element of the application must re-enforce the primary goal of the application, while feeling effortless to the user.

Graphic design is process that never really stops. When your website is online, or your product is in the market - new graphics will help to keep things fresh and draw in potential customers. As the message of a product or brand evolves, graphic design can be used to create visual elements that assist in telling your unique story.

Want to get an emotional response from your customers? Good luck doing that with stock photography. We understand the importance of using professional photography or video elements as a way to tell a story. We can assist with our on-site photography and videography services in our fair city of Nashville, TN. The end result can then be incorporated into your website, product or promotional materials.


& Visual Strategy

Make it Work

How do people view your company? We help position companies to improve their brand with careful attention to detail. Your messaging, visual identity, typography, color choices are all things we carefully examine and adjust. If you are starting a new company or launching a new project, we can be your partner through the naming, identity and branding process.

The landscape of digital technology is constantly changing, and we enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and pushing boundaries. We help our clients navigate the many hurdles along the way, and create strategies which keep your audience engaged. After new strategic goals are created we find ways to implement them as design decisions and produce measurable results.

Without a solid identity, your company or product doesn't stand out from the crowd. Its important to be noticed, and for the right reasons. We can help create, re-invent or revise identity designs. When done correctly, your identity design will position your company for exposure and growth. Let us help.

Sometimes inspiration can be hard to come by. Mood boards present several different design aesthetics, allowing for a discussion on what the client identifies with. Style guides are the result of successfully establishing all the core design elements (typography, colors, spacing, messaging, navigation etc). This is an important piece of developing a strong brand the works across many channels.


Responsive Development
& Web Building

Build it Right

Responsive design and responsive web development are core areas of our expertise. We’ve handled responsive development for some of the largest companies on the planet and we have encountered many ways to optimize existing designs for the responsive web. By using a responsive design your brand will be well represented when viewed on any device, from desktop to tablet or mobile. Having a responsive website design also means better rankings in Google and along with building trust with website visitors.

WordPress is the best open source content management solution on the market and it powers around 25% of the internet. We have extensive experience designing and developing unique WordPress websites and can truly transform it into a flexible content management system. This service is very popular with our clients as they are able to update site content easily at any time.

We have expert level front-end development abilities which allow us to take any design and turn it into a fully functional and beautiful experience. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the main tools we use to craft clean and purposeful code. We do extensive testing to make sure our code works well across multiple devices and screen sizes. Maybe you already have a design completed - we can build it from the ground up for you.

Every company or product needs a mobile friendly website. More and more searches are being completed from mobile devices and this first impression is critically important. We approach each project with the mindset of viewing on a mobile device. This focus can change everything from copy, to design elements or site navigation. Don't get caught un-prepared for the shift to the mobile internet. We can help make sure that your content and architecture is ready for mobile optimization.

We like challenges. We always look for projects where we can add value and provide viable solutions. If its different, or difficult - chances are we would love to work on it! In some cases we work along side other development teams who are working in application development, node.js, angular or other frameworks.

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