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Nashville Design Week 2023!

Nashville Design Week is a week-long, city-wide series of events with a focus on design and broadening and strengthening Nashville’s design community. DesignUps has been involved as a participant in Nashville Design Week since the series started in 2018. We are thrilled to partner with Nashville Design Week in 2023 to develop the website as a part of the communications team.

Web 3.0 Techniques

Part of getting to work with an amazing team of creatives is the collaboration that the environment creates. One key takeaway from our strategy session was that the website should have an immediate impact. The spinning 3D graphic is rendered directly in the browser, utilizing emerging technologies and creative coding. Can you tell what the symbol represents? Look closely!

Website Slider Design

Getting the Message Out

The website for NDW is ethereal and changes from year to year. This year the focus was on an "undesigned" approach led by brand designer, Rex Runyeon. As a volunteer, we helped craft the online experience and spread the message of Nashville Design Week. Interactive elements on the site serve as focal points to grab the viewers' attention.

Website Design Nashville Design Week 2023

Get Involved Today!

One of the most critical parts of the website is to make sure that people know about the mission of NDW and are encouraged to participate by hosting events, volunteering and attending events. Our approach to the mobile website was to keep the experience simple but consistent.

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Mobile Responsive Website Design for Nashville Design Week 2023

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