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Community Arts and Education

Tennessee Arts Commission

The mission of the Tennessee Arts Commission is to cultivate the arts for the benefit of all Tennesseans and their communities. We were honored with the chance to work with the State of Tennessee, and we're very excited to help with promoting our local arts communites.

Arts and Community

The Tennessee Arts Commission spans many different programs and websites with thousands of visitors, making this a very large scale project. Our goal was to create a fresh take on their existing brand standards, and develop a consistent group of websites. The aim of the websites are to update the art community concerning information, grants and happenings in Tennessee arts.

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TN Arts Programs

Tennessee Arts Commission's multitude of programs created a unique challenge to consolidate all of the exsiting divisions and pages under one cohesive look. Below are some examples of or pages we worked on.

Mobile Responsive Website

Accessability and Features

Extra care was taken to ensure that the Tennessee Arts Commission were more accessable to a wider range of users. Options such as a toggle to change text size make it easy for users who may need the larger fonts for a comfotable web experience.

New Menu System

Tennessee Arts Commission provides a wealth of resources and information for arts happenings in the state, as well as legal info for those seeking grants. The new versitle mega menus simplifies the user experience so they can much more easily find the specific information they are looking for.

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