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Design for a Nonprofit Saving the Ocean

Rock The Ocean

Rock the Ocean is a brand dedicated to ocean conservation and protecting marine life. DesignUps worked with the organization to overhaul their online presence. A core part of Rock The Ocean's business is their merchandise store and the Tortuga Music Festival which were both core elements of the website experience.

A Unified Brand Mission

Across all channels, Rock The Ocean has a unified message and goal. The website design relies on imagery and messaging speaking to the core values, initiatives and events.

Selling Branded Merchandise

One of the core reasons for revamping the website was to have a renewed focus on the merchandise and apparel. We implemeneted custom development to highlight items from the Shopify storefront and made an intuitive way to update this module so that the website is always looking fresh.

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Website Design

Core Values of the Brand

During the process we created a graphic to visualize the core values of the brand. The simple visualization focuses on only the essntial elements and ties the ideas directly to the company brand mark.

Info Graphicsand Designs for Rock The Ocean

Capturing the Vibe

While developing the website there was a constant effort to make sure that all content captured the right vibe. All photo or video assets were carefully selected and edited to fit the over-arching company mission.

Website Design

Nonprofit Marketing Website

The website is primary marketing tool for Rock The Ocean, and as such, it was critical that all information is one place and easy to access and understand. We focused on giving priority to the most important content while allowing users to navigate quickly across the website on all devices.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Perseid Foundation

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