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Branding & Design for Innovative Packaging Company

Jay Packaging Group, Inc.

Jay Packaging Group, Inc. is a leading commercial packaging manufacturer with a focus on innovative solutions for the packaging industry. We partnered with Jay Packaging to re-brand their company including a refreshed identity and a sleek website to showcase their gorgeous work.

Website Design and Branding for Packaging Design Company | Jay Packaging

The Work Speaks for Itself

Our team started from scratch with the new Jay Packaging website. We knew it was important to start over from the ground up to create a truly unique experience that showcased the company's mission and expertise. During the process we worked closely with the client to fine tune the new branding, typography and the product photography.

Jay Packaging Portfolio Gallery

Exploring New Branding Options

We took a dynamic approach for the branding, exploring several different styles and applications that resembled the package building process, as well as various minimalistic styles and refreshes of their original logo. Jay Packaging opted for a moderization of existing their logo that retains the equity of their classic image.

Jay Packaging Branding

A Brand Re-Fresh For a New Look

After exploring lots of new branding concepts, we worked closely with the client to modernize their classic logo design. It made the most sense to retain the brand equity they had established with with a simplified and more modern approach. Below you can see our re-freshed solution for their logomark.

Jay Packaging Logo Re-Fresh

Innovative Packaging

The website utilizes white space to bring more attention unique typography and images, drawing more attention to Jay Packaging’s high-end solutions and innovative processes.

Jay Packaging Home Feature
Jay Packaging Responsive Website Design

Packaging Portfolio

We used a masonry grid and high-resolution photos that showcase some of Jay Packaging Group’s best work. An interactive 360° view of select products give users a more accurate representation of finished packaging.

Thinking Outside the Box

We wanted to highlight the quality of Jay Packaging's work and provide a contemporary website that would solidify their position in the industry. High quality photos present an up-close look at Jay Packaging’s best work and gives a glimpse into the finer details of their most attractive packaging.

Jay Packaging Home Feature

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