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Nashville Botique Hotel Website

The Gallatin Hotel

DesignUps worked with The Gallatin Hotel to develop a bright and fun website that engages guests and secures bookings directly on the website. The website is built on the WordPress platform with integration with WebRez for bookings and Matterport for the 3D virtual tour. If you're coming to stay in Nashville, this is the place you should go!

Nashville Website Design for the Gallatin Hotel

Unique Southern Hospitality

The unique social mission of The Gallatin Hotel is represented throughout the website. Since the hotel is unique by design, the website reflects this as well. Graphics and photos are presented in creative ways that promote user interaction. Visitors to the hotel can feel good knowing they are helping out those in need.

The Gallitn Hotel in Nashville, TN - Homepage Design

Get to Know Your Room

What is the main thing someone researches before booking a stay? In most cases it is photos of the room and hotel common areas. We developed a unique photo gallery highlighting the bright images of each room at The Gallatin Hotel.

Website Photo Gallery for Nashville Hotel

Booking Your Stay on Mobile

Having a website that performs well on mobile devices is critical for any hospitality business. When developing the website we did extensive testing to ensure people could easily learn about the hotel and book directly from their phones. Viewing the website on a mobile device provides the same branded and fun experience that is enjoyed on desktop and tablet devices.

View the Website

Mobile Responsive Website Design for Nashville based Gallatin Hotel

Things To Do In East Nashville

Visitors to the hotel are encouraged the explore the neighborhood of East Nashville. With a variety of cool shops and businesses, visitors can plan their trip easily with resources on the Gallatin Hotel website. And hey, the DesignUps office is just down the street near Five Points. We love meeting new people!

Explore East Nashville - Webpage Design

Simple Navigation = Big Win

Why make things challenging for people? Being able to navigate a website should be an effortless experience. With this in mind, we developed a full-screen navigation system. The simplistic layout allows for large text and easy access to all critical content. The website navigation performs just as well on mobile devices, focusing on only the essential content.

Website Navigation Design System for The Gallatin in Nashville, TN

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