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Design for Biopharma Tech Company

Sumitovant Biopharma

Sumitovant Biopharma is a technology-driven biopharma company on the cutting-edge of drug development. We worked closely with Sumitovant to re-brand the entire company, along with providing a modern website to better align with their position.

Website Design for Biopharma Tech Company Sumitovant, by DesignUps

Brand Exploration

Branding for a company that is at the forefront of an industry is a challenge. We worked with the core elements of the brand and evolved the design language. As part of this process we created dozens of various concepts.

Sumitovant Branding Exploration

A Modern Refresh

The Sumitovant logo is an evolution from the previous brand mark, improving upon balance with new typography and a minimal presentation. The brand "stamp" was created to be used in alternative formats.

Sumitovant Logo Design Refresh and Stamp

Tech Platforms Design

To unify the brand across all channels we created unique identities for Sumitovant's technology platforms.

sumitovant drugome and  digital innovation concepts examples
drugome logo digital innovation logo

An Infused Website

As the brand evolved, we funneled the new design and branding elements into an engaging new website. The website clearly communicates Sumitovant's mission and highlights their people, products and state of the art technology.

View the Website

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Design & Content

Communication should be dynamic and engaging. Through a combination of video, photography and custom illustrations we assembled an experience that captivates the company mission.

sumitovant biopharma homepage preview

Brand Asset Toolkit

As part of creating a tool kit of brand assets, we produced designs for computer backgrounds and other employee documents. The branding and updated design elements we also applied to presentations, video platforms and digital business cards. Branding across all channels provides a consistent message for Sumitovant.

Sumitovant computer screen design

The Brand Stamp

As a secondary branding option, "the stamp" allows Sumitovant to take an alternative approach while maintaining the core brand identity. The design was created to be simplistic and versatile when used against various backgrounds.

sumitovant stamp version 1
sumitovant stamp version 2
Sumitovant stamp coffee mug

Brand Application

As part of the branding process the new mark was applied to various types of merchandise and employee swag. The simplicity of the stamp design was a great fit for t-shirts, totes and hats. Not only do people want to drink coffee, they want to look good doing it!

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