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Our mission is to help tell your story through our finely crafted process of design thinking and building of experiences. We know that the details make the difference. We're located in Nashville because it's awesome here.

DesignUps Design Studio in Nashville TN

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We create beautiful websites in Nashville, TN.

Walk in to our web design agency and you will experience architecture and details from the 1800's. Our design studio is a comfy space where all the planning, strategy, design and code happens. Interested in knowing more? Follow along with our News or Contact Us today.

Our Web Developer Experts
Enjoy Developing Custom Designs

We’ve built a world-class team committed to differentiation and success. Our team is small but the results are measurable. We have a laser-like focus which allows us to develop new perspectives and smarter solutions.

Simon Carr

CEO, Lead Creative & Dev

Simon Carr, Design Agency Owner

Our fearless founder & president loves to explore and build things. Simon is a veteran internetian having endured 20-something years of making pieces of the internet. His specialty is understanding perspectives of clients and end-users and the thought process to craft a solid experience based on this insight. When he's not designing or building digital experiences he enjoys travel, being outdoors, hiking or disc golfing.

Aaron Hutcheson

Web Developer

Aaron plays a mean "Dust in the Wind" on guitar. He has a masters in Electro Acoustic Music and Composition from USF. His front-end skills make magic happen in the browser. Megaman 2 is his phone ring tone. He fits right in.

Sam Wasserman

Map Maker, Designer

Sam Wasserman, Designer

Sam is better at video games than you, and design also. Our resident map maker and designologist, Sam's attention to detail and insight into the design process produces great clairty. When he's not putting pixels in their perfect spot he may be working on perfecting his craft of fire twirling or pursuing some of Japan's finest anime.


We're Hiring

We're Hiring

Do you like working in a creative and relaxed environment? Do you like having fun? Do you like learning constantly to expand your skill-set? We're looking for talented designers and developers. Contact us at jobs@designups.com

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We enjoy solving problems with design and code, and strive to add value for every client we work with.