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Performing Arts Recruitment

Scholarship Auditions

Scholarship Auditions is a music and performing arts application built to help students keep track of their performances and acheivements and connect with the best schools and universities for them. We worked with them to fine tune their student and university matching system into a more modern syle of web application.

Application UI & Design

We wanted a clear and cohesive solution that focused on providing students with an easy way to enter their performance information. Scholarship Auditions give stong base for students to collate all of their musical backckground and help them to search for and interact with the colleges or their choice. On the other side, Colleges and Universities can also search for students of different talents and message them about new and unique opportunites.

Comprehensive Profiles

Students can enter a wealth of their peformance information over many different categories. Data is kept condensed on the top the level with more detailed information on sub-pages. The side bar menu provides quick access to detail pages, and makes it easy for students to access all of their music history.


Lightweight Mobile Interface

The mobile interface is super light and easy to use. Some students may not want to spend a lot time entering in their educational background, so it was important to keep a very minimal and straightforward approach.

New Registration Portal

Alongside the application, we developed a new regstration portal. Signup includes 4 different profile types being Students, Parents, Teachers, and Universities/Recruiters with the primary focus on students.

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