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Fashion Branding & Web Design.

Design Challenge

In 2016 we participated in the monthly Net Magazine Design Challenge. The Design Challenge is a monthly feature where 3 designers submit solutions for fictitious clients. This particular month the challenge was to design the website and branding for a hairdresser or salon.

Modern Fashion Design

In the hairdressing industry a lot of value and importance is placed on having a unique and identifiable style. With this in mind we started with the idea of having an elevated modern design concept. Contrasting geometric and organic visual treatments are used to create a layered design with visual interest.

On a mobile device the primary services are listed just below the initial branding and visuals. This allows people interacting with the brand to quickly find out what is available and if it fits their style and budget.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Project

The Net Magazine Feature

After submitting our concepts to Net Magazine they ran the Challenge in April 2016. Our solution for Fin Hair was featured first among the submissions and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback for the ideas presented. Maybe we will participate again in the future!

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