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Financial Business Branding, Web & Application Design


ERISA is a Nashville-based retirement plan solutions start-up with innovative tools. We worked closely with ERISA to completely re-brand their company to include a new logo design, illustrations, and a new marketing website. We also created a financial application design for their online retirement dashboard.

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Web & Application Design for Financial Business ERISA, by DesignUps

Logo Design

After producing several concepts for ERISA, we arrived at the concept below.
This concept was chosen because of its minimal aesthetic and the impression of upward movement.

Here are a few additional logo concepts that did not make the cut.

Erisa Logo Design Options
Erisa Logo Design Options
Erisa Logo Design Options
Erisa Logo Design Options
Erisa Logo Design Options
Erisa Logo Design Options

New Company Branding

Before establishing all-new branding, we researched competitors and reviewed all existing company branding. We used this info to create a new brand style guide. Our new branding guidelines established the use of Typography, Button Styles, Messaging, Color Palette, and much more.

With the new style guide, ERISA can easily apply their content or messaging to various formats while maintaining brand equity. With DesignUps' help on the financial dashboards, designing the components was a much easier process.

Shown to the right are new business cards for Chandler, ERISA's president and CEO.

Erisa Identity and Business Card Designs

Designing the Web App

Designing a financial application involves a complex system of needs and requirements. We looked at all data types and display needs in order to develop a system of flexible modules. By visualizing the content in this way, we were able to create a scalable design system.

Erisa Dashboard Elements Erisa Contrabutions to Date Module

A Unified Financial Application Design

We provided a straightforward approach to the web app. By working with ERISA, we cut through some of the more complex areas of retirement management to create a minimal and friendly interface.

All financial data is presented as easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Not only does this make visualizing the data easier, it allows users to interact with their data and see results in real time.

Erisa App Dashboard Preview
Erisa Marketing Site Mobile View

Marketing Website Design

The marketing site for ERISA has a friendly and welcoming approach that focuses on happy lifestyles, reaching out to new prospective customers and raising awareness for the company. The website is a responsive and user-friendly WordPress site that shows ERISA's commitment to their users first hand.

A Responsive WordPress Website

The website is more than just a marketing tool. The site provides users with a wealth of information and resources to get started with ERISA. We focused on the human and lifestyles side of retirement planning to give users an impression of how ERISA can benefit them.

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