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Nashville Technology Startup


DesignUps worked with the Splitsecnd team to produce a modern responsive website which highlights the brand experience and physical product. SplitSecnd is a Nashville, TN based innovative startup aiming to improve driving safety with cutting-edge technology.

Website Design for Nashville Technology Startup Splitsecnd

Using Technology for Good

Many new companies are trying to leverage technology to do things that weren't possible just a few years ago. Splitsecnd developed a unique technology that improves driver safety via a connected device. When developing the website we made an interactive diagram of the device showing all the various features and interactions.

Splitsecnd technology startup
Mobile Responsive Website for Technology Startup

A Responsive Startup Website Design

The Splitsecnd online experience works well across mobile devices. We built custom front-end code which adapts to many different viewport sizes.

A simplified layout is presented for mobile devices, while the focus remains on the branding and company messaging.

Connecting Startups and Customers

The most important thing for most startups is their brand messaging and connecting with consumers in a direct way. By highlighting the experience we aimed to drive more interest in the company and their product.

Splitsecnd technology startup website design

Interactive Design Details

Interactive elements throughout the site are used to highlight different features of the Splitsecnd device. The subtle animations and interactive elements help draw attention to important information which might otherwise be overlooked.

Responsive Technology Website by DesignUps

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