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Nonprofit Education Design

Perseid Foundation

The Perseid Foundation is dedicated to improving education in underserved schools of Appalachia with programs for student growth and STEAM curriculum development. DesignUps had the opportunity to work with The Perseid Foundation founder, Johh Shoffner, to develop the identity, branding and website for the foundation.

Communicating the Company Mission

The homepage clearly explains the company mission and highlights the curriculum in action. Several constellation illustrations float into place and swivel as the website loads.

Website Design

Identity Design for The Perseid Foundation

At the start of the project we recommended creating a new identity for the organization. We had a solid starting point, but wanted to explore a few ideas that brought to life the idea of space and motion. Below is a sampling of logo concepts, with the final concept shown at the bottom.

Logo Concepts and Designs for Perseid Foundation
Final Perseid Foundation Logo

Art Puts the "A" in STEAM

One of the main goals of the Foundation is to not only cover STEM topics, but to make sure that art is included. The Space Art contest is another program that Perseid Foundation founder, John Shoffner, is involved in.

Website Design

Mobile Design for the Foundation

Our mobile website design is a scaled down version of the desktop design. Pulling from the same files and images, we resize the layout to fit mobile devices. The back-end of this website is powered by a custom WordPress theme.

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Mobile Responsive Website Design Perseid Foundation

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