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Non-Profit Design

Urban Green Lab

Urban Green Lab provides education for sustainable living in classroom, workplaces, and households. We were stoked to work with them on their this project to help students become more conscious of the energy they used in their day-to-day lives.

Helping Local Non-Profits

Urban Green Lab is located in Nashville, TN and leads the way in their efforts to teach sustainable living in our community. We were given a set of Home Invesitgations print outs to digitize into multiple online surveys, designed for students to find ways to reduce waste and energy consumption in their homes. We built simplied version of these surveys that focused heavily or speed and ease of use across all different devices.

Ready, Set, Go!

The surveys are light-weight and simple to use with a step-by-step interface that is clear and concise. The design uses minimal photographic and image elements to reduce load times and enguage students with the information.

Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Friendly

The mobile design trims even more photographic elements to provide fast and easily accessable interface for a wide array of devices and connection speeds. As much information as possible is kept above the fold to make inputing fields simple.

Tips for Sustainable Living

Urban Green Lab is all about education. Related tips appear in-between some answers in the survey to add interest and information for students completeing these investigations.

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