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Branding and Logo Design Projects

Logos & Branding

DesignUps helps brands find their audience through a strategic process. We know that everyone has a story to tell, and our aim is to remove the noise and get to what's important. Our branding experts work on large-scale branding projects for companies of all sizes.

Lyric Financial

Fintech logo design

FinTech Branding & Logo Design

Lyric Financial is a Nashville-based Fintech (Financial Technology) Company that offers advances, loans, and financial solutions for the music industry. DesignUps was involved with a complete rebranding of the company in an effort to make the brand feel more streamlined and tech-centric.

When working with Lyric, the DesignUps branding team presented multiple options for the logo design. After discussing options with the client, the final refined logo was created. Thought went into how the logo would display on solid colors, on top of photo elements and on business cards and print collateral.


Startup logo design

Government Branding Project

G2Lytics is an innovative and proprietary solution for local and state government. Our branding agency created several logo options, aiming for a confident and tech-inspired solution. After several rounds of revisions, the spiral 'G' shape stuck out as the most effective and memorable solution.

The branding work for G2Lytics involved work with typography and color scheme selection. Since the company deals with private data, having customers and clients trust in the company is critical. Since we started working with G2Lytics the company has been growing by leaps and bounds.


Logo design and branding for application

Nonprofit Branding

In Nashville, the homeless community prints and sells a daily newspaper called the Contributor. We developed the branding and marketing for a mobile application called Change. This app allows digital payment for the Contributor paper by scanning a QR code. Working with nonprofits is rewarding and this particular experience was very humbling.

We explored several branding options and worked directly with the app developer and Metro Human Relations Commission. Along with the logo, we created application icons and associated marketing campaign graphics. Getting to work on this project was very rewarding and we hope that the change continues to spread.


Startup Logo Concept

Technology Application Branding

Conxpt, pronounced "concept", is a creative application that provides design tools in a web browser. As designers and developers we have long dreamed of the ability to ditch graphic applications - and the idea of Conxpt was born. We explored several naming options but landed on Conxpt because of its unexpected but memorable phrasing.

The branding reflects the use of the application, the idea that simplicity is one of the strongest statements that can be made with design. Along with the branding & logo design, we designed the entire application UI, marketing website and campaign materials. Even though we are still in limited beta, we hope to release our vision in the upcoming months.


Fashion Design Logo and Branding

Fashion Branding

We participated in the monthly Net Magazine Design Challenge recently. The challenge was to invent a new hairdressing company, complete with branding, visual identity and a website. After some thought we chose "Fin" as the name. Meaning 'the end' or 'finished', the name implies that customers will love their finished look.

For the branding we used two contrasting elements, a hand-drawn brush stroke against a modern geometric shape. This symbolizes the union of technology and hand crafted skill. When designing the website we also looked to further incorporate fashion branding and luxury design elements to elevate the Fin brand.

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