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UX/UI for Sports Application Design

Chalkline Sports

We worked with Chalkine Sports in the early stages of the company to help prototype their application and UX/UI. Chalkline approached us with a solid research and direction which we translated into high fidelity designs. We expect big things from Chalkline Sports in the future.

UX/UI for Sports Application Design Company by DesignUps

UX Design & Modular Features

Since Chalkline operates in a niche industry it was important that we did research into how other sports information portals, betting sites and application trends in the space. This research was used to inform our creative process as we create various ways to present actionable information.

With a vast amount of content and statistics to digest it was important to break each thing down into modular pieces or info cards. The various cards could then be used in a modular format to display a combination of data and analytics. The features and personalized information are ideal for users who all have different needs.

UX design for startup

Application Dashboard Concept

Users of the application need to have access to the latest news in a curated format in an easily digestible fashion. Our layout provided a way to highlight top news stories as well as content relating the users favorite teams or sports.

ux design for nashville startup
UX card design

Favorites or Rivals

Most bettors have preferences for favorite teams and the teams that drive them nuts. In this competitive landscape it was important to allow users to follow their interests and also the teams they hated for a more engaging betting experience.

All About the Analytics

At the end of the day the most critical information for application users is the analytics including past performances, future trends, injuries and more. Displaying a large chunk of information can be a difficult challenge, so we presented many options that would work for various events and formats.

UX design process

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