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Finding Help for Addiction Treatment.

Cumberland Heights

Cumberland Heights is a nonprofit alcohol and drug-addiction treatment center based in Nashville, TN. As one of the leading treatment centers, they approached us with needs to modernize their branding and their digital presence with a new responsive and intuitive design.

Quality Care Made Digital

To begin we met with the company stakeholders to discuss how to make their company more visible and reach a broader audience at the same time. The new design focused on openness and the caring values embodied by the organization.

When working on the redesign, we focused on making sure that site visitors got an immediate impression of the organization which includes consistent messaging, focused branding and the appropriate level of design details to keep visitors engaged.

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Highlighting the Experience

One of the primary things that makes Cumberland Heights a special place is the beauty of their 177 acre campus and state of the art facilities. After visiting their campus for several meetings it was apparent that this is a special place.

Cumberland Heights Non Profit Website Design - Photo Gallery

Mobile Friendly Design

At the beginning of the project company stakeholders announced how important the mobile experience is for the industry. The mobile friendly design presents the information in a simple and concise way that families can easily understand and digest.

Helping People Recover Life

With a focus on helping people, we provided several ways for Cumberland Heights to highlight testimonials and people who have been touched by their program.

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