TN Designs That Get Noticed

TN Designs That Get Noticed

You can express your unique vision and Tennessee pride in the form of creative design. With this complete guide to TN design, you’ll find all the tips and resources to create a memorable, eye-catching Tennessee-themed design.

Incorporate Tennessee Symbols.

One of the best ways to instantly add an extra hint of Tennessee pride to any design is by incorporating symbols associated with the state. From famous images like Elvis Presley and the Dollywood theme park, to notable images such as mountains, guitars and state flags, there are lots of options when it comes to adding distinctive symbols. Incorporate these symbols into your design in such a way that they stand out – so that anyone viewing your design can quickly recognize it’s Tennessee-themed.


Sample of western style font ‘Dude’ by Dan Gneiding

Use Interesting Typefaces and Fonts.

When it comes to designing a Tennessee-themed project, you should not underestimate the power of typography. By utilizing typefaces and fonts inspired by the state, you can further emphasize the local flavor of your design. Look for both traditional and modern renditions of western and vintage typefaces as well as retro-inspired fonts that evoke a sense of Nashville and country music culture. Additionally, be sure to pair your chosen font with complementary colors to add vibrancy, contrast and interest to your design.

Add Visual Interest with Textures and Patterns.

Another great way to give your Tennessee design a local flavor is to incorporate textures and patterns in the form of shapes and illustrations. This can be achieved through traditional print techniques such as embossing, foil stamping, and screen printing. Alternatively, digital techniques such as halftone effects, layered shapes and textures can also be used to add dimension and visual interest to your design. Use these layering techniques in combination with a bold typeface or font for maximum impact!


Letterpress blocks at Hatch Show Print
Letterpress blocks at Hatch Show Print, Nashville, United States

Balance Design Elements for Maximum Impact.

Keeping the visual balance of your Tennessee design is key to creating an eye-catching and effective piece. The impact of your design will be immediate and engaging. Whether you’re using a combination of images, typography, color or layout, each element should have its own place in your composition. Try to achieve a sense of harmony by making sure each element has enough space to breathe.

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