Creative Works Conference in Memphis TN – A Recap

Creative Works Conference in Memphis TN – A Recap

What an Amazing Event!

As a company, we have kept our eye out for good design events in our home state of Tennessee. Creative Works has been on our radar for a couple years now. This year our design team made the trip to Memphis and we were blown away by the event, including the speakers, the venue and the city of Memphis!

Below is a photo-based recap of our experience.

Creative Works conference signage design, 2018.


Welcome to Memphis! It was hard to miss the Creative Works signage, displayed 20 feet tall on the side of the Halloran Centre.


Josh Horton has organized the event since its inception. Above, Josh gives the opening speech with an inspirational message “Be present. Be open. Be enough.” He also joked that he always cries when talking. It wasn’t a joke. He loves this event + Memphis, and it shows.


Lauren Hom talks about her experiences in lettering, and featured some fantastic side projects that grow into new areas of work. It was inspirational hearing how her career blossomed when she started offering to do chalk signage for local restaurants. And her current focus has been food-based art like the playful headwear in the photo above.


Adam JK gave a hilarious and entertaining speech about his methods and his work. He reminded creatives that you don’t have to over-complicate work to find great success.

The city of Memphis breathes art & soul. This mural was down the street from the conference and is a good example of the BingYourSoul mantra of Memphis, TN.

Before the final day of the conference we traveled to the Monster Pop up shop. This shop had some amazing curated work featuring great artists from around Memphis and beyond.

This amazing Greyhound was just chilling at the Monster Pop up shop. He got all the pets from us. Good boy!

Memphis is an amazing and historic city with a very tight-knit creative community. Before after and during the conference we enjoyed wandering the streets of Memphis.

In closing, we can’t recommend this conference enough to our peers and other creatives in our community. The entire event was well planed and perfectly executed. The price is reasonable, the speakers were amazing and each after party (3 of them) was an enjoyable way to relax and network. Look up Creative Works next year. You won’t be disappointed!

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