Nashville Design Week Recap

Nashville Design Week Recap

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As the first ever Nashville Design Week comes to a close, we are so excited for our community and the momentum for our city going forward. With 90 events, Nashville Design Week has exposed lots of people to the creative industries in Nashville.

We care deeply about our community and were pumped to participate, hosting 2 events. Our first event was an open house which was a lot of fun. We opened our doors and hosted a good group of people in our studio space. Our visitors ranged from experienced designers, to business owners to people who just moved to Nashville and want to get involved in the creative community.


designups nashville design week snapshotsHaving Fun!


A stop motion time lapse. Wow, that was fun.


Our 2nd Event was a talk titled “Design is For People That Love to Learn”. The idea behind the talk was to question what design is and how it can add value. Most people think of design as a visual thing, but we defined it as Problem Solving. Reframing it in this way, it’s possible to see how design effects all aspects of our lives. When solving problems, the most important part is to accurately define the problem you are solving.


albert einstein

“If I had an Hour to Solve a problem…I Would Spend 55 Minutes Defining the Problem and then 5 Minutes Solving It.”
– Albert Einstein

Even though he’s not traditionally recognized as a designer, Einstein has a great quote summarizing the importance of defining a problem before solving it.

So what is effective design? We decided that it: solves the problem, is simple, and adds value. After discussing successful designs we highlighted an inspirational designer: Kelli Anderson. The audience was interested in Kelli’s methods and projects which can be found on her instagram account.


the designups team The DesignUps Team. Left to right: Sam, Heather, Megan, Aaron, and Simon.


To wrap up the talk all of our team members introduced themselves and talked about what they do and what inspires them.



Putting on this event was incredibly energizing and so much fun. We’re already anticipating our next design event and want to do much more of this going forward. There’s even some internal talk of organizing a 1-day creative conference in Nashville next year. Be on the lookout for that! In the meantime, we are pretty exhausted from all the fun.

See you next year at Nashville Design Week! If you were at our event and want to keep in touch, contact us at

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