Join DesignUps for Nashville Design Week

Join DesignUps for Nashville Design Week

We’re participating in the First Ever Nashville Design Week!

Nashville Design Week is a week-long, city-wide series of interdisciplinary programs and events to unite the design community, promote collaboration and idea sharing, engage the public, and elevate the impact of Nashville’s design economy.

We’re pumped to see Nashville’s design community continue to grow, and that’s why we are hosting 2 Events.

Please join us for one (or both) of the events listed below.

open studio hosted by designups


Event #1 Open Studio Hosted by DesignUps
Thursday Nov 08, 2018

DesignUps will be open for participants to see our working environment and learn how we collaborate and execute our ideas. Several members of our team will be present to discuss their career path, education and how they work within the field of design. Our team members have various levels of education and experience with graduates from Watkins College of Art, Savannah College of Art and Design etc.

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design is for people that love to learn


Event #2 Design is for People that Love to Learn
Monday Nov 12, 2018

A discussion on what it means to be a designer, but also to stay in the field and continue to grow. As expectations change and tools evolve it is important to embrace new methods and techniques. Simon will challenge ideas of what design is, and show examples of unexpected solutions. Followed by questions / answers from participants.

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We hope to see you there. If you want to go but can’t make it, drop us an email to say hello:

simon, an author on the DesignUps Nashville Design Blog

About the Author

Simon is the founder and creative director of DesignUps. His specialty is understanding perspectives of clients and end-users and the thought process to craft a solid experience based on this insight.