Great Times at Nashville Design Week 2019

Great Times at Nashville Design Week 2019

Hill Creative Collective Open House

Our first stop on the first day of Nashville Design Week 2019 was the Hill Creative Collective Open House. The Hill Creative Collective houses some awesome businesses such as Grand Palace Silkscreen, Southern Lights Electric, New Hat Projects, Oil / Lumber and many more.

It was great to meet all the various creative people in the community. We enjoyed learning about each business and getting to know the people who make the Hill Creative Collective such a unique place.

Grand Palace Silkscreen PhotosShowing our support for some amazing businesses at the The Hill Creative Collective Open House.

Some cool merch and skateboard designs at Grand Palace. The used silkscreens are a great touch!


Silkscreen PressThis incredible silkscreen press can probably do just about any printing job.


DesignUps Open House and Talk – “Lets Get Weird, a Practical Guide to Finding Your Voice”

We participated in the WeHo studio crawl as part of the 2019 Nashville Design Week.

Nashville Design Week is a great opportunity to share perspectives on design and get to know creatives from all over Nashville. We get to learn so much, and give back as well. So we want to help promote embracing what makes you unique. By sharing personal stories and observations we hope to give others the confidence to embrace their uniqueness and strengthen their voice as designers.

After the Talk Having a chat with you beautiful people after the talk!

After the talk we took some more time to get to know everyone a bit better. We had an amazing time participating in Nashville Design Week. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Thanks for coming & Stay Weird!

simon, an author on the DesignUps Nashville Design Blog

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