DesignUps is Going to Creative Works

DesignUps is Going to Creative Works

We’re going to the Creative Works Conference! It’s this October 4-6th in Memphis and we’re pretty excited. Why exactly, you might ask? Oh, let me elaborate…




We have been reviewing the work of all the designers and talented creative professionals who will be speaking at the event. To make this short and sweet, these talented folks are grouped below by type! (Haha, that’s a pun)


Stellar work




2. Darn Good. Meg does a great job at designing her own brand. She obviously has a great grip on branding – she offers one on one brand consulting and workshops about self-employment. I was born in 1990. The internet and I became BFFL’s around 1994. This site is nostalgic.


3. Being a big fan of hand lettering, I clicked on Lauren Hom, the creator of Hom Sweet Hom, first.
Lauren’s work is simple but funny (in the best way ever). WenDivas is a project highlighted by Adobe here.


2. Shawna X


3. Bob Ewing has skills.


4. So does Mark!


5. Ryan Booth – This is Where We Live


Killing it on Instagram

mark caneso instagram photos


Follow these accounts. Trust me.


Goodies: My favorite


As a woman, I have a shameless love/hate relationship with the vendors and shopping. To ease my pain, I’ll probably add all of this to my cart and not proceed to check out.


1. AdamJK is a featured Instagram as well as a vendor. Do I want or need these balloons?


2. Oh my goodness. I really want these maps. Native maps will likely have Nashville prints, but what if I want one of every city?


3. The Button Brigade. Shopping feels better when I know I’m doing something good. The Button Brigade gives back 10% of all of their profits to LGBTQ+ organizations. For a set amount of time, they fund a specific LGBQT+ organization. Right now, it’s OUTMemphis!


4. Only you can prevent forest fires. One of the best mascots of all time.


5. Mark Caneso runs an independent graphic and typography design firm called PPRWRK Studio.
They don’t sell a huge variety but I’d buy everything they have.


6. Just walking my dog.


7. Shop Tuesday is a part of Tuesday Bassen, a rad illustrator, based in LA. I’m about everything she’s done. I adore their tag line; for ‘babes of all sizes’. I’m not sure what they’ll be selling at the conference but whether it’s pins, zines or clothes, it’ll probably be great.



creative works logo

Creativity has the power to influence some of our most complex civic challenges. Sometimes, in places where money and politics alone can’t.

-Creative Works

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