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Discovery for Brand & Digital Strategy

The Main Ingredient for Inspired Solutions

At DesignUps we value getting to know our clients. This initial discovery process is critically important and serves as a launching point for a digital strategy campaign. Our campaign strategies provide a comprehensive plan with both the client and audience goals in mind.

Once we have identified the pain points, we talk with the business stakeholders and customers before researching possible solutions and technologies. Armed with actionable data, we then create a plan that will lead to more successful outcomes.

At the end of the Discovery phase, we present our findings to the client along with a plan that addresses client goals, challenges and solutions.

The Business Strategy Mistake Most Companies Make

The biggest mistake that new business owners make is getting their website and branding completed before truly understanding the requirements needed to satisfy their business objectives. This is the sole reason that marketing campaigns and customer acquisition attempts result in failure. Research and understanding your audience is critical if you are looking for legitimate quantitative analysis.

We Ask a Lot of Questions

Our goal is to add value, and our in-house digital strategy discovery team has the right specialists to get to the bottom of any problem. Below are a few questions you can expect from us at the start of any project.

Ready for Discovery? Let's Talk.

Our Services

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