Maximum Creativity: Creative Process, Inspiration and Goals

Maximum Creativity: Creative Process, Inspiration and Goals

If you work in a creative field, keeping a consistent stream of creativity is important. But it can take a lot of energy to come up with new ideas and execute them efficiently every day. So how do you stay creative and not run out the fuel you need to keep going? 

Try a New Process

The process you use can have a great effect on your final output. If you’re stuck on a problem and your normal way of doing things isn’t generating results you want, switch up the process. Use some new tools or try using techniques that are outside of you comfort zone. When you change the process, you give more room for new ideas to develop and create new pathways to a wider variety of solutions.

Design Inspiration - Look to Nature


Look to Nature

Take a walk or hike and get out in nature. Nature is full of all kinds of patterns and forms and you may find inspiration in some unexpected places. The exercise can also help to burn off any frustration and boost creativity.

Take Time to Relax

It’s good to take some time to breathe. Not every minute has to be extremely productive. Kick back, watch a new show, or play a game. Do something that is enjoyable to unwind before you get back into the grind.


Focus On a Hobby

Put some effort into a passion project, even if it’s only 30 minutes a day. Creating things you are proud of will make you happy. It can also help to open you up to new areas of thinking and techniques. The skills you develop will carry over and can help with solving more diverse problems.


Design Tip - Set Deadlines for Design Projects


Set Deadlines for Yourself

Deadlines may seem like a constant pressure that can get in the way of truly exploring all avenues of a problem. Often that may be true, but sometimes a little bit of pressure can help to generate more new ideas on the fly and reduce self-censorship. Setting small incremental goals is a good way to force yourself to have something in place to build and grow upon.


Find Some References

Keep up with what’s going on in the design and art world. Look at how others are solving similar problems and explore alternative routes based off of your own skills. It’s perfectly fine to draw some influence from other work. Nothing exists without building on something previously done and the exchange of ideas is a foundation of all artistic fields.



If you’re still feeling a bit stuck, it’s okay to step away for a bit. Give yourself some room to chill out and clear your mind and jump back in when you are ready. Once you find your groove, ride the wave and enjoy creating.

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