Creating A Goal Driven Website Design

Creating A Goal Driven Website Design

These days every company, organization and product has its own website. Many of these websites are full of information and marketing messages, but in most cases the website does not have the desired effect. This is because the website wasn’t created with the principles of goal-driven design.So, how can this be changed?

The first step is to ask: “Why do we need a website?”

Many companies have fairly basic needs: to educate people about what they do, establish their company as experts in their industry etc.

Sometimes companies require a better defined goal and outcome.  For example:

  • Sell an item
  • Generate a sales lead
  • Capture Data
  • Get return visits from users
  • Serve dynamic content based on user settings
Goal Driven Design, Website Wireframes
Goal Driven Design, Website Wireframes

Once this targeted goal is identified, its time to re-evaluate your website to turn it into a goal driven website.Early in the planning stages of the website, its important to discuss with clients what their goals are and determine primary goals, secondary goals and also define what the non-essential items are. The primary goals will require thought in terms of how to call attention to the message and creating content that makes a user want to take action. Sometimes this is obvious such as placing a short contact form or a large button, but in other cases it may require a combination of images, text and appropriately labeled buttons.

Believe it or not, its easier to be successful when you have fewer goals that are very well defined!

Interested in taking the next step, but not sure where to go? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

simon, an author on the DesignUps Nashville Design Blog

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Simon is the founder and creative director of DesignUps. His specialty is understanding perspectives of clients and end-users and the thought process to craft a solid experience based on this insight.