Design Influencers Spotlight #2

Design Influencers Spotlight #2

Looking for new artists to add to your Instagram feed? Or maybe you’re interested in getting someone a unique gift?

Then you’re in the right place!


Loreta Isac

by Loreta Isac.
Portfolio Site

Loreta Isac is an illustrator based in Romania. She creates illustrations for nearly anything you can think of. Such as package design, editorial pieces, books, and short animations. Her color palettes are strong but calming. Her work varies from simple color blocks to detailed and intricate, and she excels at both. She’s almost always open for an opportunity to work with someone new. She also has a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to here.

Stephanie Medeiros

Portfolio Site

Stephanie is co-founder and creative director of the branding studio Oro Agency, originally from Brazil they’re currently living in LA. Proudly non-binary, they actively create work that addresses the unique experiences that LGBTQ+ people deal with. Stephanie also makes a lot of work that focuses on their own insecurities, showing some real bravery by allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

illustration for the lgbt center in nyc, a dark skinned person is surrounded by flowers and other plants, and pride flags
Created forThe Center in NYC.

Sonia Lazo

A witch with purple hair in a dress covered in stars and moons. Being burned at the stake, with a bird on her head.
by Sonia Lazo.

Sonia Lazo is an illustrator from El Salvador. She paints watercolor scenes that are vibrant and colorful, and also draws rocking little comics that serve as a commentary on the many existential crises that so many artists share. On instagram, she also shares her outfits and she is one hell of a fashion icon.
She’s also an apprentice tattoo artist at Valhalla Tattoo Studio.

Valeria Varez

Portfolio Site

Valeria Varez is a freelance illustrator in Mexico City. They create show posters for bands and other performances, editorial illustrations, and got featured as a google doodle. Their artwork is also a valuable contribution to the pop-surrealist movement. Each piece appears like it’s own world, but shown together they flow like they belong.

Shape of a bird, surrounded by leaves
by Valeria Varez.

Manu Montoya

A 50/50 split image, on the left: a black woman with a bird on her hand, surrounded by green vegitation. On the right: a small black monkey alone on a white background.
by Manu Montoya.
Portfolio Site

Manu is an art director at Bacanika and illustrator based in Barcelona. She works with gouache, colored pencils, ink and digital media and often creates through collage. She illustrates for short stories, books, and patterns. Her character design, seen throughout all of these, is top shelf. She has the skill to bring a unique personality to each character.


Go enjoy art!
Keep an eye out for the third rad creator spotlight.

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