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We are Passionate About Technology. Working with technology companies is the core of our business. We use technology on a daily basis and understand tech design for startups and applications.

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We Partner With Technology Companies

Working with technology companies is the core of our business. We use technology on a daily basis and care about partnering with other technology companies who are innovating in other areas. Our experience in the technology field includes startups, fin tech companies, healthcare technology, marketing technology and produt technology.

Many technology companies work in a constant cycle of developing and optimizing their products. Because of the intense focus, it makes sense to partner with a company like DesignUps so that the technical experts can get back to building amazing products.

Our team of web developer experts crafts modern technology websites and application designs. When we partner with technology companies our track record points to an increase in customer conversions and an increase in brand loyalty. To stay ahead of the curve, contact us for a strategy session.


Case Studies

Sumitovant Biopharma

We re-branded Sumitovant and provided a modern website to better align with their position.

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Stratasan worked with us to launch a complete overhaul of their digital presence.

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DesignUps has made such a positive difference for my business. They helped our brand find an identity that spoke to clients and prospects by highlighting our expertise and key differentiators. The team at DesignUps challenged us to think beyond just looking good and to think more holistically about our branding and how our clients perceive us, while still listening to our feedback.

— Chandler Julian






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