Why Nashville is Perfect for Startups Building a Brand

Why Nashville is Perfect for Startups Building a Brand

Launching a Startup?
Building a Brand?
Nashville is the Spot.

Welcome to the most creative place in America.

When you think of Nashville and its place in creativity, the music industry is the main thing people think about. However, the music industry creates a strong draw for visual creatives (designers, photographers, developers, craftsmen) who want to be surrounded by that culture and work with them. And yes, we just listed developers as a creative profession.

Designers love it here

Every design students dream project is the album artwork for their favorite band. It would make sense that many aspiring artists and designers find their way to Nashville. And beyond that, many musicians can’t afford to hire designers so they do it themselves. Many musicians are actually quite talented visually and end up using design or coding as a way to make and income while still working on their music career. We would even argue that fundamental understanding of patterns and balance are used in music, design, code and visual composition.

Nashville has an ever increasing creative capacity. It is the perfect spot to start a business (in any field) because of the sheer number of people who can help you build and create your next big thing.

What business resources are available to Startups in Nashville?

Many business are realizing the potential of Nashville as proven by the Entrepreneur Center, Jumpstart and lots of successful startups. The development user groups are great for developers and programmers and conferences like Nodevember attract some of the best talent in the land. Luckily, most of the talented developers are choosing to stay here versus venturing across the country in search of jobs. For education, developers have some great choices including The Iron Yard and Nashville Software School.

So, in Nashville – not only can you partner up with amazing creative folks to help build your brand and design your product. You will also have access to amazing business and technical resources to realize a well rounded product.

Our Experience with Startups in Nashville

Our team is cross-trained in design and development and we all have a strong relationship with music and art. We’re reniassance men.

Previous Nashville based clients we’ve worked with include some great startups. LiveSchool which raised 1.2 million dollars after we worked with them on branding and digital design. Management Signals which was sold to big data company, Pentaho. Cell Journalist which was purhcased by ScribbleLive in 2014. And more recently we have worked with Stratasan and Splitsecnd.

Come visit us, in Nashville.

We invite you to come visit Nashville and discover why we love it here. Maybe we can grab coffee too!


simon, an author on the DesignUps Nashville Design Blog

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Simon is the founder and creative director of DesignUps. His specialty is understanding perspectives of clients and end-users and the thought process to craft a solid experience based on this insight.