UX Matters: Make Visitors of Your Website Feel Valued

UX Matters: Make Visitors of Your Website Feel Valued

It’s important to understand your audience while remaining inclusive. Human’s want to feel respected in their daily lives, and they want to feel accepted when visiting your website as well. If a user feels that your content doesn’t respect who they are, they’ll probably go and find another website that does. This is why it’s critical to be mindful of the many ways you can ensure users feel valued.


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You can start by editing your content to eliminate any verbiage that makes assumptions about the reader. While marketing uses assumptions and judgements to cater to a target audience, it can be easy to scare off users with offhanded remarks. Users may view a call-out or judgmental statement as arrogance. Make sure that your tone remains accepting and less narrow-minded, and it could open up a larger audience.


Design Quote - Show users that you respect their time through efficient use of content and navigation.Show users that you respect their time through efficient use of content and navigation. First and foremost, it’s crucial that every page on your site loads quickly. Your users will often view a page not loading in 5 seconds or less as a reason to go find another website that won’t take up more of their time. Users are often searching for a quick solution or answer, and then they’ll go back to their day. This is why you also need to have easy-to-use navigation, with clear design elements. If a user can’t find a search bar or menu options easily, they can quickly give up. It’s also a smart idea to make sure that pages are free of too many pop-ups, ads that disrupt content, and endless scrolling.


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Filling out forms on a website can be annoying if there are too many required fields, and especially if the form doesn’t save content you’ve already entered. I’m sure many people can attest to abandoning a check out or subscription process when a mistake or page error causes a prompt to fill out the form a second time. It can really be daunting when trying to purchase something online and you get that page error, and you’re left wondering if you’re going to be charged twice. Your users may view that as sign that it’s just not meant to be. Making sure that your forms save the users work and have limited opportunities for mistakes are key. Make forms clear, concise, and also don’t have a patronizing error message if a user didn’t fill things out correctly.


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Offering human contact is another great way to make a user feel valued. If a user can’t find a contact form or way to seek help, they may feel helpless. If a customer isn’t sure if that form went through successfully, it’s helpful to have a point of contact with someone who can provide clarity and assurance. Showing that you offer respect and acknowledging humanity in the digital world proves that you value your users.

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