Nashville’s Growing Web Design Industry

Nashville’s Growing Web Design Industry

Nashville has become the star-studded hub for startups, medical fields, tech, and music industries alike. Something they all have in common is the rise in jobs for designers and developers, making the city a place to be if you’re tech savvy and ready to empower your portfolio. Both Web Development companies and entrepreneurs can take advantage of this flourishing market, and it doesn’t seem like the jobs will be going away anytime soon.


The health industry is definitely a contributing factor to the increase in tech related jobs, giving web developers the space to showcase their creative talent for attentive crowds. Hospitals, specialized medical companies, and health education fields are all in need of websites and software. Many are also adapting to changing technology, so companies are looking for apps and more technical developers to create many methods of education and supplying information. The health industry is vast and continues to grow in Nashville, giving energy to a bountiful pool of job opportunity.



Nashville also offers a melody of career outlets across the music business, from big name labels to independent artists head starting their own brand. Rather than seeking pre-existing venue of employees with music related degrees and experience, these companies are actively looking for autonomous designers and web developers to create an effective online brand. Companies are also evolving into the digital world, creating music apps and software to compete with modern technology. With thousands of musicians in town, these individuals and bands will heighten their reach and exposure with their own website. This is an area where entrepreneurs can benefit greatly by reaching out to local artists in fostering a symbiotic relationship.


The startups that have increasingly called Nashville home are also in need of strong web developers. Most of these startups are already rooted in the tech industry, whether their services are offered in apps or online stores. Transportation, food delivery, and e-commerce industries all emphasize a need for developers to create software and maintain web services. It’s apparent in job boards that startups in town are constantly looking for quality developers and IT professionals to join their team.



Music City has merged its far reaching persona with the futuristic flair of the tech world, making it one place to be for web developers to thrive. With a multitude of industries to choose from, developers can comfortably find their niche and combine their hobbies with their web skills. The newly renovated tech scene may be the best kept secret in town, so keep your lips sealed.


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Jaimie, an author on the DesignUps Nashville Design Blog

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