Web Design: The Effectiveness of Personalized Landing Pages

Web Design: The Effectiveness of Personalized Landing Pages

Landing pages provide unique engagement with the visitor, and personalization of this is a great to way create effective marketing. Your landing page serves to cater to the visitor’s specific needs. With this, you can speak to them directly and showcase attentiveness and trust automatically. Instead of having general verbiage and content on your site, you can provide a customized experience by personalizing many aspects of your marketing strategy.


An important use of personalization is through your calls to action. Personalized elements in this marketing technique are proven to drive conversions, by 42% to be exact. (Hubspot) You can tailor you calls to action by gathering the user’s location, referral source, and device. You can even gather more personal information from a visitor once they sign up for subscriptions or fill out forms. This means you can build trust by calling them out by name, or refer to their location to provide content based on this. You can use analytics to gather information about your visitors and track habits.


Airbnb Landing Page DesignAn Airbnb landing page generated by user location.


Now that you’ve gathered this information, how do you use it on your site? It’s effective to personalize content, offers, thank you pages, and suggesting related articles. For instance, you know that a visitor has viewed a couple of blog posts, and you can now link other suggested blogs or pages that contain any matching phrases and content. Take things up a notch and even call the user and their habits out with verbiage such as, “check out ‘this’ based on your interest in ‘this’” Showing a direct correlation let’s the user know that you hand-picked content just for them. It’s also important to only personalize related content as to not overwhelm your visitors. You should also be mindful of the appropriate jargon so that your CTA’s aren’t too demanding and provide welcoming communication.


Personalization speaks volumes and is sure to ultimately increase profits


Personalization on your website creates a warm experience. Utilizing this form of customization on your landing pages is a symbiotic method of engagement. Personalization speaks volumes and is sure to ultimately increase profits. Try experimenting with analytics so that you can better understand your target audience, and then use that information to show your customers that you care.


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