Simon Carr Joins the CSS Design Awards Judging Panel

Simon Carr Joins the CSS Design Awards Judging Panel

Simon Carr, the founder and Creative Director at DesignUps was recently selected to be a judge for CSS Design Awards. Simon has been involved in the web design community since 1995 when he first discovered the “view source” function in Netscape. Since then Simon has been lucky enough to work with many talented designers and developers and smart enough to learn from them.CSS Design Awards is one or the largest and most well known International Web Awards. It offers a platform that showcases freelance designers, web design studios and web design agencies that push the boundaries of creativity, usability and functionality.

As a jury member for CSS Design Awards, Simon is part of an incredibly talented group of designers from around the globe. Every month Simon is involved on voting for the website of the month which is often quite a challenge. And also the end of the year awards for designers, developers, agencies and freelancers.

The entire process is very rewarding and has provided quite a bit of inspiration from observing what other great designers are creating.

Read Simon’s full interview on CSS Design Awards Here.

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Simon is the founder and creative director of DesignUps. His specialty is understanding perspectives of clients and end-users and the thought process to craft a solid experience based on this insight.