New East Nashville Office & New Adventures

New East Nashville Office & New Adventures

We are a bit late in posting this update – but we are happy to announce that we’ve moved to a cozy new space in East Nashville! Now that we’re settled in, we’ve had some time to explore and enjoy the neighborhood. It’s definitely our favorite spot yet, and we honestly couldn’t be happier.


DesignUps Office Door at the East Nashville Office Location
DesignUps Office Door - Nice to Meet You!


The Fatherland District is home the Shoppes, a great collection of small businesses of all sorts. Everyone is always friendly and welcoming. There is always somewhere new out check out just outside our office door. And having a nice and walkable neighborhood is just perfect for whenever we need to step out to take a breather. We’re definitely amped to check out more of East Nashville’s thriving art community as well. Not to mention the food is pretty great too!


Fatherland District - Mural Design in East Nashville near DesignUps Office


The International Tea and Coffee Company is no more than just a few steps away from the office, and it’s a great place to pick up some afternoon boba tea or coffee to recharge. And it’s just a short walk down the block to grab some of the best pizza in town at Five Points Pizza.


Some of out favorite places (so far):
International Tea and Coffee Company
Five Points Pizza
Guerilla Bizkits
Raven & Whale Gallery


We’ve only seen just a little bit of what our new neighborhood has to offer, and can’t wait to learn much more about the community in the coming years. We know we’re going to love it here. Whether you are a new neighbor, a designer or just someone wants to say hi, reach out to us today and let’s meet!

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