E-Book: Design for Email Campaigns

E-Book: Design for Email Campaigns

Effective digital marketing is essential to any marketing campaign. Storytelling is about capturing your audience, encouraging them to be curious and then allowing them to become interested in whatever service or product you are looking to sell.


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01. Choosing Your Story

Before you begin a mail campaign, think about why you are sending it. What aspect of your company do you think will intrigue your audience? And what aspects of your company do you wish your audience knew more about? For example, perhaps you sell a service and therefore wish that you could make your company and employees more personable and attractive to customers. For one, you could consider focusing on a single employee per campaign and give an in depth look at their personal stories including silly blurbs about what they enjoy outside of work or their favorite music, etc. This technique breaks down the digital walls separating your employee from the customer and gives the customer a better feeling about who they are working with.

engaging your audience icon
Engaging Your Audience
Remember, you are reaching out to PEOPLE
Think about it, no customer wants to deal with a robot when trying to communicate with your company. Giving users a sense that your employees are real, available, and amicable people is a key factor in gaining and maintaining clientele and mail subscribers.


telling a consistent story icon
Telling a Consistent Story
Stay true to your brand
It can be confusing for customers when they think they know your company, but all of your mail campaigns seem to convey conflicting messages. Before sending out mail campaigns think deeply about what your company represents and then be certain to maintain that message and those values onward. The most effective campaigns are those that display consistency because it reminds your customers that you are stable and reliable.


02. Avoiding Spamming Your Subscribers

It can be tempting to send out a myriad of mail campaigns once you get the hang of writing them. But think about your audience, are they really going to read and open every single one of those emails? Or will they eventually begin moving them to spam or unsubscribe from your newsletter altogether? Remember, it is your job to think comprehensively about whether you are sending out a healthy amount of information or if you are simply harassing your customers.

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Finding the Perfect Frequency
Customer happiness first
You are not your customer. And, therefore, you need to disconnect your personal preference from your customer’s preference when sending out mail campaigns. For very small companies, consider sending out one mail campaign per week maximum and two per month minimum. For very large companies, you can get away with sending one or two per day. Essentially, the smaller your customer base, the less you want to send out.


paying attention to your customer icon
Paying Attention to Your Customer
Let them know you care
There are simple steps that you can take to track your consumer interaction with mail campaigns. Online programs such as MailChimp will allow you to both craft and send out mail campaigns and then it will report back how many opens, “clicks” etc. your campaign received (more about this in “using your resources”). Pay attention to what factors played into getting more engagement from your subscribers and then use those techniques again in future campaigns.


At DesignUps, our creators spend endless time perfecting original digital design crafted from custom coding. Our dedication to creating authentic and inventive designs make us a key resource for any company looking for assistance in building compelling marketing campaigns.


There are plenty of resources on the web that are helpful in building mail campaigns. Online platforms such as MailChimp and Drip will help you build an aesthetically pleasing campaigns and will also track consumer engagement. Or, if you really have no interest in creating campaigns, we at DesignUps are always happy to lend a helpful hand. To read more about creating your perfect mail campaign, sign up below!

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