Making a Career Change to Web Development

Making a Career Change to Web Development

Feeling burnt out or unsatisfied in your career field can be disconcerting. If you’re motivated to make a career change, the Web Development Industry could be a rewarding path. Many people looking for new careers discover that they may have to take a pay cut, find themselves just as miserable in a new field, and have a difficult time finding jobs. In the Web Industry you can find the income you need, flexibility, and a skillset in which you enjoy creating.



You may be thinking, is Web Development really for me? It’s not for everyone, but you shouldn’t let the technical aspect of the business scare you away. You don’t need a technical or analytical brain to flourish in the Web Industry, and there are many facets of the industry that are well diverse. Similarly to how anyone has the capability to learn a new language, you can pick up web design and coding at any age and with any skillset.


Not having a technical background can also work to your advantage, as you can provide a personal approach to communication with clients and mold your existing talents with the tech industry. You also have many resources out there to begin your journey into the Web Development world. Whether you want to join a bootcamp or become self taught and create a portfolio, there are many ways to start your career.



Often when looking for a new job, you realize that you’ll have to start at the bottom and take a pay cut. You just put in a ton of time and effort in your existing role, maybe even working your way up that corporate ladder, and now you have to start all over. You also find that you need to develop new skills to match the new job you’re applying for. Not having the qualifications and experience for a new job means you’ll probably have to settle for a lower salary in an entry level position. However, the Web Development Industry offers competitive pay and businesses are always looking for good web developers.


An entry-level Web Developer makes $50,081 on average, and this can go well into 6-figures depending on your experience and skillset. (PayScale) If you’re willing to put in the time to learn the necessary skills and create a portfolio, you’ll find that jobs are actually approaching you rather than vice versa.


If you’re feeling drained by the 9 to 5 work week, you would rather work from home, or you just want to create more diverse content; Web Development can offer you the flexibility you desire. Almost every industry needs Web Developers and Programmers, and you can easily freelance and be your own boss. So if your goal is to work for a company you admire or you want to work from home, you have many options in the Web Industry. You also have the flexibility of working anywhere in the world, so relocating or traveling while working is right at your fingertips.



Try not to stress about your new career adventure, learning new skills and starting a new chapter in your life can be both exciting and gratifying. If you decide that Web Development and Programming may be the route for you, know that it can be an industry that gives back what you put into it. So go for it and make the career change, you owe it to yourself to explore the opportunities.

Jaimie, an author on the DesignUps Nashville Design Blog

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