Our 4 Favorite Design Driven Startups

Some of the biggest and best startups in the world use Design as their differentiator and as a way to add value.

These companies understand that design is a process which relates to meaning, strategy and usability.  As a result they are able to improve on the pre-existing experiences in differing industries.

Here are our picks for the startups using design to effectively establish and grow their business and products.

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Our Mission as a Digital Design Agency

Our mission is to help tell your story through our finely crafted process of design thinking and building of experiences. We know that the details make the difference.

We believe Design is the visual representation of strategy.

As an Example: You have an idea, but how do you tell people about it?

Words are great, images are better. A simple drawing or diagram can help explain any idea. This is why we start with design and use it as a strategic tool.

At DesignUps we make it a point to focus on the design, wether it is a user interface design or how a polished design is executed in the browser. This focus on design at all steps of the process produces results that connect with consumers and leads to measurable results.

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Why Nashville is Perfect for Startups Building a Brand

Launching a Startup?
Building a Brand?
Nashville is the Spot.

Welcome to the most creative place in America.

When you think of Nashville and its place in creativity, the music industry is the main thing people think about. However, the music industry creates a strong draw for visual creatives (designers, photographers, developers, craftsmen) who want to be surrounded by that culture and work with them. And yes, we just listed developers as a creative profession.

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