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UX Design for Websites and Apps

We Understand User Experience Design

UX Design is critical to the beginning of digital design projects. Our team of user experience design experts gather insight through a variety of methods including customer interviews, analytics and surveys. This insight helps us to validate solutions and determine their effectiveness. At DesignUps we value user experience design and use this as the foundation for our research, planning, prototyping and testing. We know that user experience is an opportunity to define user needs and understand the best way to execute a successful campaign strategy.

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User Experience Design is More Than Wireframes

Many people associate UX Design with wireframes and multi-colored post it notes. These are just early-stage prototyping methods that allow for iterative decision making. Wireframes are a great tool that enable visual thinking and determining the flow of your website. Doing this as an early step in the design process allows us to focus more heavily on impactive visual design in the later stages of the project.

Once wireframes are complete, another critical function of UX Design is how the choices relate to visual design and UI. Our web designers are experts in taking detailed wireframes and converting them into creating completed high-fidelity designs.

The Benefits of Good User Experience Design

Lots of companies claim to understand and practice user experience design, but we know that the proof is in the results of successful campaigns. Having a good UX design foundation for your application or website makes navigation and conversion a seamless experience. This directly results in more leads and more sales.

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