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Nashville Technology Website Design & Branding


We were approached to help with the conception of a high-tech IT recruiting agency based in Nashville. After consulting with the client we provided naming for the new company along with logo design, branding and a new modern WordPress powered website.

Nashville Technology Website Design & Branding for Talntly

Hiring Made Simple

Talntly uses digital interviewing and gamification to assess their candidates. The process enables Talntly to focus more closely and build more individual connections with prospective hirees, rather than filing though stacks of resumes that all look the same. It was necessary to keep simple and straightforward approach to reflect the ease of using the platform.

Talntly Recruitment and Hiring Macbook View

Driven By Talent. Period.

Talntly matches top talent with the best jobs for them by focusing on skills and traits employers are seeking.

Talntly Logo Design
Talntly Digital Recruitment and Hiring iPhone View

More than a Resume

Talntly delivers the most qualified candidates to employers inboxes automatically. With better matches from start, employers can spend more time on relevant skills needed for the job they are looking to fill.

Interview Process

Talntly uses data driven insight to find the best talent. Not all positions are the same, so interview questions are fully customized to focus in on key elements important and rate candidates based on their answers combined with assessment scores.

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