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Meet Our 100% Awesome Team.

We like working with humans. Are you a human wanting to join our team, or a potential client wanting to know more? Learn more about us below.

DesignUps Design Agency Team Meeting
DesignUps Design Agency Founder and CEO, Simon Carr

Simon Carr

Founder & Creative Director

Simon loves to explore and build things. He's had a weird creative career which started with farm equipment in Kentucky before moving to the big city of Nashville. During this time he gained a lot of experience working in the technology and entertainment industries.

Simon's main strength is understanding perspectives of clients and end-users and the thought process to craft a solid experience based on this insight. When he's not designing or building digital experiences he enjoys travel, being outdoors, hiking and dreaming of what to do next.

DesignUps Design Agency Lead Visual Designer, Sam Wasserman

Sam Wasserman

Creative Lead & Developer

Sam's attention to detail and insight into the design process produces great clarity. He graduated from Watkins College of Design. When he's not putting pixels in their perfect spot he may be pursuing some of Japan's finest anime.

DesignUps Design Agency Developer, Nathan Gundy

Nathan Gundy


Nathan is an outdoorsman and quite possibly an Eagle Scout. When we had an opening on our team Nathan was the first to apply! Before joining DesignUps he brewed craft beer at a local brewery, but now he writes craft code. Cheers!

DesignUps Design Agency Web & Content Specialist, Jaimie Hart

Jaimie Hart

Web & Content Specialist

Jaimie is a radio DJ for our beloved client, WXNA. She found out about us by reading our radio ad every week on her radio show! Jaimie has a passion for music and playing drums. She helps us with WordPress sites and creative content.

Join Our Team

Do you like working in a creative and relaxed environment? Do you like having fun? Do you like learning constantly to expand your skill-set? We're looking for talented designers, developers, hackers, content creators etc.

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