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Web Design

Beautiful design solutions that adapt and engage. Our designers help your brand shine and captivate your audience with responsive design techniques.


We Care How Things Look and How They Work

At DesignUps, we create web designs integrated with tools such as WordPress, Hubspot, WooCommerce and Shopify. Our team of expert developers and designers recognize the value of user experience, content management, usability and getting conversions.

We are fluent in responsive design techniques; crafting experiences that translate well to mobile design and desktop. Our design team develops websites that are easy-to-use and targeted to client demographics.

  • Web Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Branding
  • Mobile & App Design
  • Brand Standards
  • Mood Boards
  • Resonsive Web Design


Case Studies

Enexor Bioenergy

Website design for a company focused on renewable energy products and solutions.

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Tennessee Arts Commission

We're very excited to help with promoting our local arts communities.

View Project

The Frist Foundation

Website design for one of Nashville's largest non-profit organizations.

View Project

Trilliant Health

Website design and branding updates for a technology focused healthcare company.

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Web Design Process

The DesignUps web design process is exemplified through strategic goals, evaluation, visual branding, engaging content, and interactive prototypes. Our designers are well versed in modern trends with attention to detail to help set you apart.

1) Digital Design Strategy

Our creative process starts with detailing goals for your brand that are clear and concise. By researching and developing innovative plans, we achieve simple design strategies with well thought out methods.

2) Information Architecture and Wireframes

To develop more insight and effectively integrate visual design, we evaluate the architecture and structure of a website before beginning the visual design phase.

3) Visual Design

By utilizing prototyping and analyzing the customer experience, our UX design captures your brand effortlessly while engaging with your target audience in every interaction.

4) Content Strategy

Our content presents an amalgamation of your brand, adapts to any platform, and is the liaison between you and your customer. Rather than just providing corporate messages, we develop content that encourages real conversations.

5) Interactive Design Prototypes

As we progress with the design and translate it into code, we’re able to continue to make changes on the fly.




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