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UX Design

Why work with a Nashville UX Design Company?

Our UX designers create great experiences for clients and customers. We encourage growth through insight and analytics. It's important for your business to have a positive first impression and convert visitors into customers.

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User Experience Design Creates Successful Campaigns

UX Design is critical to the beginning of digital design projects. Our team of user experience design experts gather insight through a variety of methods including customer interviews, analytics and surveys. This insight helps us to validate solutions and determine their effectiveness.

At DesignUps we value user experience design and use this as the foundation for our research, planning, prototyping and testing. We know that user experience is an opportunity to define user needs and understand the best way to execute a successful campaign strategy.

  • Resarch
  • Empathy
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes
  • User Testing
  • Ongoing Iteration
  • Implementation
Nashville UX Design Services

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Case Studies


Stratasan worked with us to launch a complete overhaul of their digital presence.

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Medical design for nashville a healthcare education and resource startup.

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Sumitovant Biopharma

We re-branded Sumitovant and provided a modern website to better align with their position.

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CoreTrust gets a new business website design on the WordPress platform.

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Nashville UX Design Process by DesignUps


UX Design Process

The DesignUps UX Design process utilizes wireframes to determine the flow of your website. Another critical function of UX Design is how the choices relate to visual design and UI. Our web designers are experts in taking detailed wireframes and converting them into creating completed high-fidelity designs.

1) Understand & Define

Before any work can begin we make sure that we understand the requirements. We create use personas, define problems and use cases. Understanding this is critical to formulate a solid and measureable plan of aaction.

2) Research

As the goal comes into focus we broaden our focus and research competitors and existing solutions. When possible we conduct user studies and evaluate data such as analytics and clickmaps. This data helps to paint a better picture and inform the next steps.

3) Solution Concepting & Design

We gather ideas and map out possible solutions using sketches, wireframes and crude mockups. This quick iteration allows us to explore several solutions before narrowing in on the best option. These concepts then become more refined as we produce the first prototype that is then reviewed with the client.

4) Implement

We've done the research, we have a soluion that should work - now its time to put our ideas to the test. We build interactive prototypes and encourage clients and potential users to engage with our soltuion. Solutions that are implemented can be shared with a private audience our the general public to gather lots of feedback quickly.

5) Evaluate & Iterate

Through inteviews and testing we are able to gather analytics to determine whether the solution is effective or if it requires additional iteration. It's rare that the first solution is perfect, and our iterative development process allows us to make quick adjusmtnes to optimize efficiency and conversion rates.