When is it Time for a Website Redesign?

So you’re thinking about a redesign. The modern web is a fast paced and constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date with modern technologies and web design practices is necessary to keep stay on top on keep new users coming in. Here are some important items to consider if you are thinking about doing a redesign.

01. Your website is a few years old.

It’s easy to spot that out-of-date website that looks like its from the 90s and know someone needs to update their page, but in most cases updating more frequently is necessary to keep interest and ensure your website is compatible with new technologies. Even if you have a well established business with a great reputation it would be very beneficial to have a page that can grab new users.



02. Your page is not responsive

Most web traffic is now mobile and users have come to expect a responsive or adaptive webpage. Over 70% of online time is spent on mobile. If your page isn’t friendly to all kinds of devices, you are missing a huge amount of potential viewers.


mobile friendly design


03. People can’t properly navigate you website

If your customers can’t find what they need, they will go elsewhere. Make sure your offerings are clear. It won’t just help people find what they need, a good sitemap can also greatly improve your Google ranking.


airbnb website redesign



04. Your business goals have changed

Maybe you’ve added new services to you business or a certain service has taken over as your primary venture. These can change your users impressions of your business drastically. You want to make sure to lead your user to the right place, and that might take a restructuring of you webpage or even your branding.



05. It’s broken

A broken webpage can be a nightmare for any business. Sometimes it can be easily fixed, but in other cased it might take some work to get things properly running again. Linking problems, old pages that urea can no longer access or loading problems can pile up over time. IF these things have accumulated and fixing them would take just as long or more than a site redesign you might want to look into refreshing your website.



06. Your website is difficult to update

With more widespread use of CMS such as WordPress sites it is becoming easier to keep a webpage up-to-date with the content you want. An easily updateable site is necessary to keep user interest and stay higher up in your google ranking and give you much more control over frequency of your website over all.


wordpress dashboard



07. High bounce rate

Are users frequently coming to your homepage and leaving? You might be suffering from bad loading speed, or just not catching your viewers interest. Usually, users will decide if your page is what they are looking for in just a few seconds time. If there is anything in their way, they will find somewhere else to look.



08. You have low search rankings

All of the above things can have a pretty big effect on your Google search rankings. Google will always favor the more modern webpages over aging content. Maybe there are issues with your page structure and you just need a page that is easily digestible. A well thought out and structured site will always be preferred.



09. Competitors are updating their webpages

If everyone in your industry is updating their webpages, it might be time to make a move to keep up. Stay on the cutting edge and find innovative ways to refresh and show what separates you from your competition.



10. Your site needs better security

Old CMS applications of aging plugins can cause huge security vulnerabilities with your site. You’re side could be knock offline without your knowledge or your users information could be put at risk. You might need to think about a redesign with new tools and different functions.



11. Your users are dwindling

Maybe you just aren’t getting the analytics you used to. Keeping your content fresh is important and users might not return if there is nothing new to see. Keeping a nice stream of content will keep users coming.


website user analytics



What to do if you have these problems?

There are a lot of reasons to move forward with a redesign. Make sure you keep good customer interaction and listen to their needs. Good communication with you core audience is key. If they are having trouble assessing your services or just need a better experience, it might be time for a redesign. You don’t always have to completely change your brand, but staying current is important to keep your business going. If you feel that you are in need to have your website re-designed, work with an expert to re-position your company.


About the Author

Sam is the lead visual designer at DesignUps. Sam's attention to detail and insight into the design process produces great clarity. When he's not putting pixels in their perfect spot he may be pursuing some of Japan's finest anime.