2018 Web Design Trends

As technological capabilities increase, more people will have access to an increasingly beautiful web. Wide use of VR is right around the corner, and fiber connections for just about everyone isn’t very far off. As a result, designers can flex their creativity with higher quality images, video and completely fresh ways to view content. This will all lead to a much more vivid and engaging experience. Here’s some web design trends we think will be making a big impact in 2018:



01. Double Exposure & Duotones

Double ExposureImage by 7h10

A little bit of nostalgia never hurts. Double exposure and duotone effects call back to more traditional photographic and print techniques. This can be a very striking effect, especially going along with 2018’s more vibrant color schemes.



02. Glitch Effect

Glitch Art by Leonardo Suozzo

Photo editing software isn’t the only way to create amazing graphics. Typically the glitch effect is created by corrupting an image file in some way. For a long time, glitching photos has been a sort of underground art form with a very rich community. Glitch art has now come to the mainstream, so expect to see a of it ton in 2018.



03. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraph by Ben Burton Design

Cinemagraphs land somewhere in between video and gif. They are created by animating isolated areas of an image and have an almost dreamy effect. Cinemagraphs give a unique style of movement and focus to an image without the need for a large video file.



04. Variable fonts

Variable FontsImage by Peter Freedman

When dealing with responsive or adaptive design, creating great experiences across all kinds of devises is key. With so many devises used, this can be a difficult task. Variable fonts add an extra layer of flexibility to responsive design and be altered dynamically from a single file.



05. More intense story telling with Audio / VR / Video

Story Telling With VRImage by Invision

We’re just scratching the surface of possibilities for VR interfaces. In 2018 virtual reality tools will become much more available. So look forward seeing new forms of design thought, techniques, and lots of experimentation in this emerging medium over the year.



06. Gamified interactive elements for navigation, sliders etc

Gamified Interactive ElementsImage by Mailchimp

Users definitely enjoy some sort of reward for interacting with with a product. It can be very satisfying to see that unexpected bit of animation or friendly message upon completing a task. Because of this, adding gamified elements create a much more engaging and active experience.



Big leaps towards a new web.

2018 will bring us a much more colorful and dynamic web. Designers will be able to express themselves more honestly and in new ways. We’re well on our way to a new web, and we look forward to seeing everything it brings with it.

DesignUps loves working with the web’s ever changing landscape. If you have great ideas for 2018 that need design work, drop us a line and we’ll help you get started.


About the Author

Sam is the lead visual designer at DesignUps. Sam's attention to detail and insight into the design process produces great clarity. When he's not putting pixels in their perfect spot he may be pursuing some of Japan's finest anime.